What makes the escape game the best?

There are now close to five thousand escape rooms worldwide! You can play an escape room in such far-flung places as Europe, Asia and USA. While the proliferation of escape rooms makes finding one near you very easy, not all escape rooms are made equally. Escape rooms differ in overall quality and presentation. The Escape Game is the top escape room company in the US on TripAdvisor, with 8 out of the top 10 Room Escape Games in the country. Each location is also rated #1 of Fun and Games in its city. We believe this is because of the quality of the design and construction of our games.


Our escape rooms offer a variety of puzzles, clues, and riddles ranging from digital and tactile to geometric and pattern-based. All of the escape games are challenging, fun, and safe for children and adults alike. We're a team of thinkers and builders who love to create the most immersive escape rooms out there.

Are you really locked in an escape room?

We know what you're thinking because we get asked this all the time: Are you really locked in a room? If you need to leave the room at any point during the game, you're always welcome to step out. What happens if you don't escape in time? If you don't escape in time, that's okay! Whether you complete your mission in time or not, your Game Guide will meet you at the end of the game and open the room if you haven't escaped yet. While it is exciting to be able to successfully escape, escape rooms are still lots of fun for groups who don't manage to make it out during their first attempt, it gives them a goal to work towards the next time they come and play!

What is your policy on guns and firearms?

We do not allow people to carry guns and firearms to our building.

Can I carry my food inside the gameroom?

We do not allow you to carry any food or drink inside the gameroom.

Is there parking available?

YES! There are number of free parking in front of our store.

Do you have any discounts for seniors and veterans?

YES! We do have discounts. Please call us before reserving your game. At least one person in the team need to be an eligible player to avail the discount.

What if we're running late?

If you are running late, you will still be able to start your game, but if there is another booking after yours then your game has to finish when your time slot finishes - we need to start the next game on time. Also if yours is not an exclusive booking, chances are there might be others already playing it. You will not be permitted to enter 10min after it starts. The next possible way is rescheduling it for another available slot.

Can we just turn up and play without a booking?

You can try your luck, but to avoid disappointment we strongly recommend making a booking through the website. We're very busy so booking is the best approach!

What happens if we need to cancel or change the day and time of our booking?

You can use the link at the bottom of your confirmation email to change the day and time of your booking or cancel it up to 24 hours before. Alternatively contact us via phone or email and we'll do it for you. We will refund your full amount if you cancel at least 24 hours before your booking. No-shows or cancellations made within 24 hours of your booking will be charged at the full amount.

I have claustrophobia - can I still play?

Yes, we think so, but everyone is different. You will be locked in a room, but able to leave the room whenever you want to. We will take things very slowly at the start to let you get adjusted, and we will be right there to let you out if you feel uncomfortable. Our rooms aren't too small, so hopefully you' will be fine. Give us a call if you are concerned or would like to ask more.

What do we need to bring and what should we wear?

We supply everything you need for the game, so just bring yourself. If you require reading glasses, however, we do advise you bring them with you. The games don't require you to do anything to physical so you can wear whatever you like. Some people dress like Sherlock Holmes, but that might be going a bit far!

When should we arrive?

You need to arrive 10 minutes before your game time for a briefing.

Do we need to speak English?

One person in your team will need to be able to understand basic English - we have nationalities of all types playing our games!

Is there a minimum age requirement for playing the game?

No, but we think the game is best enjoyed by 10 and above, and any children 13 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult in the gameroom.

What's the easiest one among your games?

All games are designed to be equally challenging - different people do better at different puzzles, but if it's your first time at an escape game we recommend you play Cowboy Mafia - it's a great introduction to Escape Games.

Do you have multiple games?

We have three different games rooms. 221B, Cowboy Mafia and Hangover. Most people like to try one room, then come back and see if they can beat their time in the other!

How long does the game last?

Each game is 60 minutes. Make sure that you and team arrive the escape room at least 10min before the game.

What are the levels of games based on difficulties?

The puzzles in the room are the same, but number of hints determines levels. One hint, you are Sherlock. Two - Three hints and you escaped as Advanced. Four or more hints and you escaped as Beginner.

Can I play if I'm pregnant or have a disability?

The game does not involve a great deal of physical activity. There are seats that you can take a rest on if you get tired - you're also able to leave the room whenever you want to. If you're in a wheelchair or have a disability that might restrict your movement, it's best that you let us know so we can arrange the rooms a little differently for your comfort.

Will I get stuck if I couldn't solve?

Our Game Masters will come into your room and give you the option of being guided through the remaining puzzles to escape, or if you would prefer to come back and have another go you can exit the game at this point and make another booking to try again with a discounted rate. Some people like to come back and solve it themselves, others want to know the secret!

Are Escape Rooms good for families?

Yes! It's one of the best game time currently for family bonding. Some of the families we host make great teams-the kids often solve the puzzles before the adults.

How many people can play?

2-8 people can play in one gameroom. We have 3 gamerooms so a max capacity at one time of 24 people. For groups larger than this we can run two back to back sessions or two multiple games at same time. Please call us before booking.

What happens in emergencies?

Our facility is as per the standard derived and approved by city codes. There are exit doors and signs, which will lead you to reach a safe place in case of emergencies.

Do I need to be physical or Does the game has any physical challenges?

No. None of the clues and props need physical energy or movement. Most of them are sensors or locks. Very few might need minor physical energy.

Is it like a scary room or haunted place experience?

No. There is no scary moment in our games. There aren't any scary surprises or zombies jumping out of cupboards. It's a fun, engaging atmosphere where you'll end up laughing most of the time. You only need to use your logical thinking skill.

What happens on the game day?

You should arrive 10 minutes before the start of your game time to have a briefing from our Game Masters. When everyone in your group has arrived, our game masters will brief you on game rules and take you into your room. Once you are in your room you have to solve a mystery and find the way out of the room by working through a series of puzzles. It's a live escape game so you are in a real room - it's not played on a computer.

Game Masters will be watching you on camera, and you can ask them for hints along the way if you get stuck. You've got 60 minutes to solve the mystery!