Why Escape Rooms Are A Great Idea For Family Fun

Why Escape Rooms Are A Great Idea For Family Fun

Finding time to spend time together as a family can be difficult, especially as your children get older and start filling their schedules with school, extracurricular activities, and jobs. However, whether your children are in their teen years or are entering early adulthood, there is nothing quite like working together to solve an escape puzzle! Escape Room @Grant in Tucson, Arizona, has up-and-coming family bonding opportunities that are perfect for a weekend afternoon or a weekday evening. Discover why our escape room puzzles are perfect for getting in some much-needed family fun time and book your experience with us now!


Work Together To Escape

The idea behind engaging in an escape room puzzle is for everyone to bring unique skills and thought patterns to the table. With each member of the family participating in one of our Escape Room @Grant family bonding opportunities, it facilitates quick thinking and makes you more likely to solve the escape puzzle! Oftentimes it’s better for larger groups (four or more people) to take on an escape room because everyone works together and uses their own prior knowledge to help discover the exit.


Fun For All Ages

One aspect that makes our escape room puzzles excellent for family bonding and family fun is how individuals of all ages can have a great time. Parents, older teens, and kids aged 10 and up can all get involved in the story behind each of our Escape Room @Grant puzzles, creating unforgettable memories that help bring everyone together. While children 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult, you’ll find yourself wanting to experience and solve each of our escape room puzzles!


Learn The Story & Solve Our Room

Outside of being an exciting, unique experience for participants of all ages, an escape puzzle from our Tucson facility is also perfect for getting into a fictional story. While the set-up of each Escape Room @Grant experience is different and has its methodology for discovering the exit, getting into and learning this story offers the best chance for beating the clock. With just 60 minutes on the clock, our escape room puzzle staff recommends taking the time to research your chosen story so the whole family can have the best experience possible!


Choose The Recommended Cowboy Mafia or 221B

Ready to get started? If you’re ready to spend quality family time and do something you’ve never done before, our Escape Room @Grant tram has a few beginner recommendations. Outside of reading through our FAQs before booking your family bonding experience, take our advice on which game rooms you should choose for your very first escape room puzzle. For Tucson families looking to have a little collaborative fun and mental stimulation, we recommend starting with the Cowboy Mafia (difficulty rating of three out of five) or 221B escape (difficulty rating of 4.5 out of five) puzzles. These stories are centered around cowboys outsmarting a rival gang and solving a mysterious disappearance, respectively. Read all about our family bonding exercises now!

No matter which escape puzzle your family chooses, Escape Room @Grant can help you reclaim your family fun time and bring every member of your household closer together. Book your escape room online with us right now and read through our FAQs to ensure you are properly prepared. Always arrive for your booked game room ten minutes early and make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in! Contact our escape room team directly if you have any specific questions and book today to see if you can solve the puzzle!

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