Do You Want To Escape?

About Escape Rooms @Grant

What if we told you that you could become a detective in the midst of an intense investigation for an hour or enter the world of a saloon in the old west as a cowboy in an instant? Escape rooms @Grant can help to make these dreams a reality. If you are looking for a unique and alternative form of fun or bonding, an escape room experience is worth looking into.

group puzzle solving

Learning in a Fun Environment

Communication is the foundation of a functional workplace. Learning how to communicate properly can be a difficult task that requires different processes for any given group of people. Escape rooms offer the opportunity to expand and explore communication in a unique environment that is outside of the workplace.

group puzzle solving

Benefits for Your Health

You may think that it is just a game, but escape rooms can actually benefit your overall health. Whether it relieves stress via communication and cooperation with others, or it helps to improve your memory and fine motor skills through various exercises, you can improve your health while having fun.

group escape room

A Variety of Experiences

We offer a number of different escape room experiences to choose from. Each room has a specific story that is custom-written and built to keep the puzzles coming. Whether you want to play a detective, pick up the pieces from a rambunctious bachelor party, or join a cowboy mafia, we can make the experience real for you and your guests.

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A Service for Any Situation

Whether you are looking for a team building exercise, a corporate event, or just a fun, friends and family gathering, an escape room can be your solution. In any situation, you can learn to problem solve and communicate with those around you.

An escape room is a unique environment where you can bond with your friends or increase the camaraderie within a work team. If you are looking for a new approach towards bonding and a new avenue for fun, look no further than the Tucson-based Escape Rooms @Grant.

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